How to Clean Your Home After Major Renovation

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How to Clean Your Home After Major Renovation

The most demanding cleaning project is emergency cleaning after the renovation of an apartment, house, or business premises. The problems you face after the workers finish up are always similar and by no means pleasant. From lime on windows and floors to plaster on ceramics and dirty furniture – dust is everywhere. Since this type of cleaning can take days, we have prepared a guide with complete instructions. With this detailed guide, you can clean your home after a major renovation in record time. We will start by sharing which products are best to use for disinfection, and then you can read on the procedure for extensive cleaning.

Clean your home after major renovation: A guide

Renovation is a great chance to make your apartment much more satisfying than it is at the moment, and millions of people are taking advantage of this opportunity. After the completion of the works, it is necessary to perform deep cleaning so that the construction waste does not spoil the impression and interfere with your daily life. However, the process of cleaning dust and dirt is not pleasant. Items that will help you successfully clean your home after extensive renovation include:

  1. Vacuum
  2. Mops
  3. Brooms
  4. Specific cleaners for different material
  5. Rags
  6. Soft towels
  7. Bucket

Now it’s time to put them to good use.

Removal of residual paint and stains

The work is done, and now cleaning is coming after construction. Apart from the standard dust and dirt, something is bothering the eye – spots of paint, adhesive tape, and more. You should remove those as soon as possible before they stick. So, the first thing is to inspect the room.

Depending on the position, there are two ways to remove the residual tape easily. On paper surfaces (such as wallpaper), first, use a hairdryer to melt the tape so that it does not harm the material, and then carefully remove it from the wall. You should also immediately remove any residual glue, as it will solidify quickly and turn black due to the dust particles flying around. You can clean the tape on the floor and other non-pliable surfaces without heat. Take it off gently and wipe the leftover sticky mass mechanically or with a solvent.

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Caption: A major home renovation leaves a big mess behind.
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You must also remove the polyurethane foam as soon as possible. Of course, doing it before it hardens is best, but that does not always happen. Hardened foam isn’t impossible to remove, but it will be costlier: you’ll need to purchase a specific solvent. Alas, even cleaning an apartment after renovation often requires financial investment.

A solvent is also required for paint stains. When using it, you must take steps to avoid damaging the surface as well as your health. As a result, you must carefully select the solvent, keep the windows open, and avoid inhaling the vapor component.

Sweeping, vacuuming, and washing

With all that dust and debris, taking care of the floors is the first thing to do. The contractors will normally sweep the floor and leave the rest to you. But even if the work crew goes above and beyond to safeguard your walls, floors, and furniture with plastic coverings, dust will always find a way to sneak in. As a result, the main thing you need to get on is to vacuum the whole house. 

Obviously, you will be vacuuming the floors, but don’t stop there. When cleaning your house after remodeling, you should concentrate on areas that you don’t generally clean as frequently. Vacuum beneath your furniture, behind your drapes, and throughout every area of the home. If your hardwood floors demand special attention, we recommend looking into hardwood restoration services.

Dusting and wiping the surfaces

After the floors, it’s time to deal with the higher surfaces. You will need to vacuum those as well, then wipe everything down thoroughly and well. Your walls will get dusty and dirty too, so scrub them with a damp cloth. However, you need to make sure not to damage the paint.

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Caption: Lemon water is great for wiping the stains away.
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Moldings and cabinets are also popular hideaways for dust particles. Next, dust these areas using a duster. Clean the inside shelves, paying close attention to those difficult-to-reach places. You should also keep an eye on light bulbs, ceiling fans, and other lighting fixtures. For your protection, make sure to disconnect whatever you’re cleaning. In addition, don’t overlook the hardware, such as handles and knobs.

If you’ve stored your furniture away during the renovation, this is the time to bring it back into your Burbank home. In case you require help with moving the furniture pieces, especially the chunkier ones, local relocation experts based in Burbank can assist you with the transport.

Washing windows and frames

It’s a good idea to start washing the windows and window frames early on. Clean windows let more light into the area, which will aid in additional cleaning and furniture arrangement following the restoration. 

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Caption: Clean windows are a new home essential.
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PVC windows are simple to clean with any solution. The simplest approach to clean regular wooden frames is to use water with a few drops of dish soap added. The glass can be cleaned using a specific treatment that comprises alcohol, ammonia-laced water, and vinegar. To make the surface dazzle, we advise that you wash the windows with specific glass detergents. In the same way, clean the doors and mirrors.

Don’t forget the vents

Dust and debris will mix with the air and find their way to the vents during a major home renovation job. As a result, the air we breathe after renovations might be highly polluted with chemicals and dust particles. Those with respiratory issues may be at risk as a result of this.

You should remove the vent covers, wash them with warm water and soap, and completely dry them. Following removing the vents, you should inspect and replace the air filters. It is not uncommon for construction crews to take filters off and then fail to replace them. In any case, you should change all of the existing filters with fresh ones to ensure that there is enough clean air in your home.

Final thoughts

You might be too tired or overwhelmed to clean your home after a major renovation. We know, it’s not an easy process. However, you should keep in mind that this is the last stage. After you’ve finished cleaning your house, you’ll be able to relax in a new and revitalized setting. You’ll notice that you’ll entirely forget about the difficulties of the remodeling and be grateful that you opted for it. And alternatively, you can always hire a professional service and relax. Good luck!

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