Carpet Steam Cleaning: Tips to Keep in Mind

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Most manufacturers treat carpets to make them resistant to stains. However, there is no carpet that is absolutely stain-proof. The fibers trap dust, bacteria, dirt, and oils that can cause unpleasant stains and odors. Stains and substances can discolor carpeting and detract from its appearance. No matter the cause of stains, the best way to get rid of them is through steam cleaning. The following tips on carpet steam cleaning will help you achieve the best results:

Use the right supplies

Ensure you choose the right carpet cleaning solution and equipment for the job. You should invest in a good steamer that is durable and dependable. When trying out a new cleaning product, you should test it on a hidden portion of your floor to ensure that it does not cause burns or discoloration. You can contact the manufacturer of your carpeting to find out what cleaning solutions are recommended. If you use solutions that are not endorsed by the manufacturer, you could cause damage to the fibers, dyes, and structure.

Steam clean on non-humid summer days

It is vital that you steam clean on days when there is low humidity. On warm and non-humid days, it is easy to dry the carpet and air out your house by leaving the windows in your home open. This prevents your house from becoming overly steamy and damp. Extended dampness will not be easy to dry out on a humid day, and you could develop mold and mildew problems on your floor if it is exposed to moisture for an extended period of time.

Do surface cleaning

Before you start steam cleaning, you should do surface cleaning by attending to any new stains by vacuuming and scrubbing them. Start first by blotting the stains with water or cleaning solutions. When vacuuming, ensure you go over each part several times and clean slowly to enable the suction to remove even deeply embedded dust and dirt. Also, you should pay special attention to sections of your floor with heavy traffic or where people sit. Make sure you vacuum these areas with a crisscross pattern of overlapping strokes.

Remove furniture before steam cleaning

Make sure that you remove furniture and other objects as much as possible while cleaning so that you can have a straight cleaning path. This will allow you to easily clean and reach both hidden carpet parts and high-traffic areas out in the open.

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