10 Reasons to Hire Room413 to do Spring Cleaning in Los Angeles

You may have a lot of conceptions about what a cleaning service is. Many people think that a cleaning service is for only the super-wealthy or for other offices. But there are a number of different reasons to hire a cleaning service. And we work with all kinds of different clients.

We consider ourselves your partner. We know that your lifestyle or your business really need quality cleaning services to keep operating at a productive level. We’re proud to offer those services in affordable, convenient ways.

Let us know how we can help. Here are the top 10 reasons to hire Room413 to do spring cleaning in Los Angeles.

Book in 60 seconds
We love pets
The right tools
We’re insured
Residential and business services
Furniture? No problem
Any day, any time
1. Pricing
We’ve made our name for ourselves in LA through affordable cleaning services. Unlike other cleaning companies, we’ve simplified our services and solutions to cut costs all the way through. We pass those savings on to you, all while not sacrificing the quality of service that you expect.

When communications and logistics were incredibly expensive, cleaning services were a lot more expensive. By streamlining those things through digital solutions, we’re able to coordinate and effectively clean more spaces in less time for less money. It’s how we’re helping more people afford professional cleaning services for their LA spaces.

2. Book in 60 Seconds
You’re busy. You’ve got other things to worry about in your company and schedule. Cleaning isn’t a productive use of your time, but it does help you be more productive in the long run. We got tired of the confusing phone calls to distant call centers and the non-stop voicemails. So we’ve streamlined the process. You can book a cleaning session, in detail, all online. It takes just 60 seconds. Get a session booked and get back to the other stuff.

If you need to book monthly or weekly recurring cleaning, we can handle that as well. Our scheduling works with our clients, so we’re able to show up on weekends, weekdays, evenings, and whenever is most convenient for your family or business.

3. Professionalism
Our staff can work when no one’s home or in the middle of a crowded office. We prioritize teamwork and professionalism at all of our sites, no matter how many or how few people are around.

Our teams work effectively and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about being gone when we’re there. You don’t have to work about us working around customers, clients, and whatever business is happening in your office on a given day.

4. We Love Pets
Have a dog? Or a dozen cats? Not a problem at all! It’s usually best for your pets if they’re out of the way when our cleaning team gets there, but we know that pets are part of your family. We don’t mind cleaning up after them as well! Pet hair, paw stains, and lingering smells are no match for our holistic pet-cleaning protocols. No matter how many animals you’ve got, we’ll get your space clean.

5. The Right Tools
The right people are only part of the equation. You can hire the best team in the world, but if they don’t have the right, modern equipment, cleaning is going to be time-consuming and incomplete. We outfit our teams with the right tools so that they can clean quickly and thoroughly.

We care about the environment and use chemicals that protect your family and your company. Our favorite cleaning techniques use hot water extraction instead of rough chemicals.

6. Service
We have very, very few issues with our customer service. If a customer ever does complain because we’ve missed something or haven’t done the job they’re expecting—we work hard to make it right. Our simple online systems and customer service contacts help you anticipate problems and fix issues that arise. If you have a special request or need help with something, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Every space that we clean is different. If you have certain things you need done or spaces to avoid, just talk to us. We value communication and can help design the perfect cleaning experience for your space. Logistics are things that we handle consistently, and we have awesome internal systems that help us give you the perfect cleaning experience.

7. We’re Insured
Cleaning service insurance completely protects your space from damage, and also protects you from liabilities if any injuries occur while we’re in your space. We know that you just need a simple cleaning job. The last thing you want to worry about—really the last thing—is trying to get your cleaning company to pay for something they break. If any issues occur, we’re fully insured, which makes sure that you don’t take on any extra liability for damages.

8. Residential and Business Services
Residential and business spaces require different kinds of cleaning, but aim at the same result: creating productive, healthy spaces that people love to be in. We love cleaning kitchens and living rooms so that families can be inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle. We love cleaning meeting rooms and offices so that ideas can flow and your company can remain focused for longer.

Clean spaces make for more productive home and work lives. It’s an investment in your energy, wellness, and focus. How can we help?

9. Furniture? No Problem
We can help move and clear out furniture from rooms so that we can clean the floors. Even tough to reach spots under furniture that you’re not quite sure how to reach can be cleaned.

  1. Any Day, Any Time
    We work 7 days a week to provide options for your most convenient cleaning time. You might want to be out of the house when we clean. Or you might want to be home. Either way, we can schedule a cleaning service session whenever it’s most convenient for you!

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