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Yard Cleaning Services Near Me: List Of Best Yard Cleaning Services In LA

Yard cleaning services near me: If you are looking for the best yard cleaning services in Los Angeles. Don’t need to worry you are definitely at the right place. In this article, we have provided you with some of the best yard cleaning services near me. Keep reading this article to know more about them.

AMaidzing: Yard Cleaning Services Near Me

AMaidzing has been in the cleaning business in the Southern California area for over 15 years. They openly claim to have served more than 10,000 individual customers. 

They offer services based on their hourly rates, based on how many people you clean the building. On weekends the rates are marginally higher. 

Yard Cleaning Services Near Me

They also visit the house for the first time to clean it, and have a written and signed quote to ensure that there are no price surprises. They have an A + Better rating from the Business Bureau.

All-Pro Enterprises, Inc

All-Pro Enterprises, Inc. in San Dimas, Los Angeles and Southern California provides professional residential and business construction services. Such approaches provide approaches for industrial washing, general construction and maintenance.

Both staff have to clear a background check, a criminal record and a driving record for motor vehicles. It trains its workers in the proper use of chemicals, materials and equipment. They have more than 30 years of commercial Janitorial industry experience. Testimonials from clients have also received timely and effective services with excellent results.

California Cleaning Experts

California Cleaning Experts are specialized in commercial cleaning solutions which include offices, buildings and websites for construction. They also provide residential cleaning services which include moving cleaning and restoration services. 

The best yard cleaning services near me have over 20 years of experience representing the metropolitan area and neighbouring towns of Los Angeles. Clients report doing extensive research and remaining as long as possible to complete the job.

They provide standard services or may create a tailor-made cleaning kit upon request from the customer.

Building Cleaning Services

Building Maintenance Services provides cleaning services for industrial buildings to clients in Greater Los Angeles, San Diego and areas of Southern California. The brand pledge is to meet consumer needs consistently.

 They include cleaning of the building, removal of the mold, cleaning post-construction and cleaning of water damage. They provide free estimates of water damage and provide 24-hour emergency services. 

They are also accredited by the Institute for Environmental Quality Inspection, Maintenance and Reconstruction and have a general contractors license from California State.

Commercial Residential Cleaning, Inc: Yard Cleaning Services Near Me

Professional Residential Cleaning, Inc., true to its word, provides residential and industrial cleaning services to its customers in the Los Angeles area and neighbouring towns. 

Los Angeles City Cleanup

The laundry company City of Angels represents Greater Los Angeles and nearby areas. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they provide a wide range of cleaning services including but never limited to concierge services, structure and furniture cleaning, electric washing machine cleaning, floor cleaning, garden maintenance, and tree services. 

Their services of residential cleaning are more common and compatible with the basic cleaning. A quote request can be made online. They are completely united and protected.

Roman Demolition & Deconstruction Co

It is the most recommended yard cleaning services near me. Roman Demolition provides facilities, big or small, on all forms of demolition work. 

In addition, they provide removal of waste/garbage, maintenance of the construction site, cleaning of the foreclosure. Our number one focus is health and customer service.

Roman Demolition provides facilities, big or small, on all forms of demolition work. 

In addition, we provide removal of waste/garbage, maintenance of the construction site, cleaning of the foreclosure. Their number one focus is health and customer service.

Little Piggies Green Cleaning: Yard Cleaning Services Near Me

In Los Angeles city, Little Piggies Green Cleaning offers workplace and residential cleaning services. 

This offers every customer a 24-hour guarantee of satisfaction that, if they contact them within 24 hours of inadequate service, they will clean these areas at no extra cost. 

They use natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions which are true to their name. Reliable, trustworthy and competent are only a few of the terms used by clients to characterize their services.

Landscaping Services Luis Roa: Yard Cleaning Services Near Me

Through the years, they have supported a lot of clients to fund the gardens and many of our clients come back to us for additional work on their own properties. 

They aim to ensure customer service and thanks to consumer feedback for this purpose we have established strong business growth.

To start your plans contact us for a free consultation. They would be delighted to spend time with you helping you pick the correct gardening needs for the best results.

Yard Cleaning Services

North Star Building Maintenance

This top yard cleaning service near me offers yard cleaning services in Los Angeles and the surrounding city, North Star Building Maintenance, Inc. North Star Building Maintenance offers custodial services to industrial buildings, with over 35 years of construction management industry experience. 

You are completely licensed, connected, can be found every day, 24 hours on call, and have a distinctive green star system for practically any cleaning needs you might have. 

They will also create a maintenance plan unique to the building to satisfy the custodial needs. We have a Better Business Bureau ranking A+.

Marianna’s European Cleaning Company

Marianna’s Cleaning has served the Southern California area for more than 20 years. Long Beach seems to be the largest customer base. Specializing in washing, they give free consultations. 

They are also related, and they are insured. Customer testimonials suggest that with attention to detail, Marianna delivers exceptional and thorough cleaning.

Prestige Real Estate Services

Prestige Property Services has more than 15 years of company cleaning experience. They help the city of Los Angeles and the province of Orange. They have free estimates and on-site consultations. Customer service is the hallmark of Prestige Property Services. 

They have all staff, and do not use subcontractors to complete their work, to ensure the quality of their operations. Within 30 days of written notice, they give their customers the ability to terminate every service agreement.

24/7 Building Maintenance, Inc

24/7 Building Maintenance has over 15 years of work experience providing industrial, cleaning, and building maintenance services in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

These represent a large range of commercial buildings spanning a number of sectors, from office and apartment buildings to centres and televisions for medical operations. 

They have the expertise and resources to deal with issues related to vandalism, metal and glass demolition, plus emergency smoke and odour demolition. 

They give long-term testimonials to customers and also have a 100 per cent guarantee of satisfaction.

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