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Pool Cleaning Services Near Me: List Of Best Pool Cleaning Services In Los Angeles

Pool cleaning services near me offer the best pool cleaning services for a number of houses in Los Angeles. Moreover choosing the right pool cleaning service is the most important thing to consider. If you are looking for the best pool cleaning services in Los Angeles, this article is definitely the right option for you. Keep reading this article to know more about pool cleaning services near me.  

What Are The Best Pool Cleaning Services Near Me? 

Here is the list of best pool cleaning services near me. Continue reading this article to choose the best option for you.  

Pool Cleaning Services Near Me

Alan Smith 

Alan Smith Professionals has more than 30 years of experience in pool cleaning. Along with pool cleaning this company also offers services like building backyards, installation, plastering and restoration services. 

This award winning pool cleaning agency also offers resurfacing, pool repairs and other best services. 

Full Pool And Spa Service: Pool Cleaning Services Near Me

Full Pool and Spa is a full-service company opened in 1992 by Beverly Hills. The organization has a team of technicians trained in the factory and is licensed by National Swimming Pool Foundation as an Accredited Pool Association member. Wellness Programs. 

The licensed and insured company offers services to residential and commercial customers for maintenance, repair, leak detection, pool renovation, automation, plumbing, and crisis management.

Champion Pool Cleaning LA

Champion Pools is a Sherman Oaks-based, professional pools and spa services business with 15 years of experience. 

The business is fully licensed and insured, and offers services on a weekly, quarterly and ad hoc basis for property development, corporate and commercial groups. 

The business also holds a healthcare license in Los Angeles. Regular facilities include the vacuuming of floors and walls, washing of pool tiles, maintenance of the salt water system, removal of algae and disposal of chemicals.

Commercial Pool Service: Pool Cleaning Services Near Me

Commercial Pool Service is a professional pool repair and maintenance business with over 40 years of experience. 

The business services residential and commercial complexes and also provides new pool construction constructed by licensed pool builders, easement and insured.

LA Pool Guys

LA Pool Guys is a pool cleaning agency which also covers all cities in Los Angeles. The company’s staff is experienced in supplying commercial and residential pools, spa facilities, and maintenance for the fountains. 

JFS Pool & Spa Company

JFS Pool & Spa Company is one of the most recommended pool cleaning services near me which has 8 experience and expertise.

Their schedule includes care of the pool cleaning and repair and the saltwater tub. Employees at the company describe themselves as great, impeccable and superior to other suppliers in their customer testimonials.

Mr. Poolman 

Mr. Poolman is a  pool repair business with 30 years experience. The company adheres to the principles of simplicity, productivity and affordability, and maintains commercial and residential pools. 

There are regular maintenance programs, filter cleaning and substitution, saltwater systems, pool heater replacements, and other facilities.

Long Beach Pool & Spa: Pool Cleaning Services Near Me

Long Beach Pool & Spa is a government-approved pool cleaning, plaster repair, cleaning, maintenance, and pooling facilities. 

The company was founded in 1989, and was opened. The maintenance system provides frequent assistance for the baths of chlorine and salt water, in addition to acid washing. Refurbishment services are also available.

National Pools 

National Pools is a second generation family company with over 25 years of experience designing and building outdoor pools, gardens and gardens in Sylmar. 

Pool Cleaning Services

Pool facilities include constructing, renovating, and restoring existing, pool, gunite, and overflow ponds. The company also offers facilities for leak prevention, pool cleaning, and maçonnery.


VivoPools is the best swimming pool service. The business is certified and insured as well as being a member of the National Swimming Pool 

Foundation, the National Plasterers Council and the Pool and Spa Professionals Association. Daily pool maintenance services include full water analysis, chemical treatment, skimmer and basketball washing, brushing and general inspections.

This package can also be requested every two weeks and there could be extra charges for additives, maintenance and filter cleaning.

Pool Elegance 

Pool Elegance was founded by a proprietor in Woodland Hills in 1989 who has been in the company for nearly 30 years. 

He is also a member of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, and has restored, renovated, and expanded more than 3,000 pools in Los Angeles County. 

Reparations, repairs, upgrades, leak prevention, pool cleaning, chemical treatment, acid washing, and daily maintenance are done by the full size company. 

Weekly assistance is available for commercial and residential pools and includes pH balance, checking of pool equipment, skimmer basket and pump cleaning, and removal of algae.

Pasadena Pool Services 

Pasadena Pool Services is a Pasadena pool and spa maintenance service serving the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys and the Greater Los Angeles Area. 

The local-owned and run company provides its facilities with industrial and residential pools, and is fully licensed and insured. 

Basic maintenance of the routine involves inspection of the pool pump, checking and washing, suction of the wall and bottom, pool network, control and chemical monitoring, and balancing of the water body. 

Through customer testimonials the company describes itself, instead of giving customers a “reason to complain” and making pools look better than ever before.

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